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Language Revitalization Projects in the Performing Arts

At the level of international recognition, the Garifuna language stands out along with the other Caribbean indigenous endangered languages. In 2001, the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) declared the Garifuna culture and language as endangered and facing extinction. (http://www.unesco.org/culture/en/masterpieces/).
As a result, the Garifuna people are now confronted with the most ardent challenge, to uphold, promote, protect and preserve the Garifuna culture, identity and most importantly the Garifuna language.
The GAMAE Arts & Culture division works arduously to identify possible intervention programs to help towards a goal of complete resolutions to the problem. This provides us with an understanding of what type of intervention may help, and how we can create and design an effective program.
Eleanor Bullock and James Lovell as the leaders of the GAMAE Arts and Culture Division, they always seek every opportunity to pass on to the next generation skills, talents and creativity to protect, promote, uphold, safeguard and preserve the Garifuna heritage, culture and most importantly the Garifuna language for the current and future generation.

Debunking rules of classism in a world largely globalized

The Garifuna community flaunts a fervent youth proud of its culture and we wish to keep it that way. Our reliance on performing arts is a way to reinforce the glory of ancestral languages for the purpose of true empowerment. After all, young adults are the lifeblood of every group of people, and with the right kind of support, empowerment isn’t a dream far reached.

Dance, Drama, Music and Storytelling


Intricate moves that represent traditional dances. We support performers who pay an ode to the art of cultural representation through physical expression.


Brilliantly curated dramas with engaging plots, that shed a bright light on history, tradition, and coveted rituals.


Mesmerizing tunes – both secular and non-secular – that signify the uniqueness of our culture, symbolize the performing arts comprising unparalleled diversity and much more.

Storytelling through Animation

We tell tales of truth, power, and resilience that have marked the history of Garifuna and continue to be a source of pride for our community.

Teaching Garifuna

We will teach the lovely local language to those who are interested in learning the basics. Going global is our solution to continue to preserve the language and show more people the intricaciesin the danger of losing a language.

Our Learning Language through Animation Kemoui Afrendera will ensure that the language is persevered for the future generation

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