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Global Health

Join GAMAE International Global Health Initiative to make a difference when you travel to Belize. Peered with physicians, nurses and researchers, your social impact will matter. Our focus is mainly on improving health conditions in the local community through education on disease and health. Reproductive Health, Chronic Disease Prevention, Nutrition, Women’s Health are but a few Global Health Initiative focused on your contribution to living healthy – the Belizean way.

The goal is to provide study internship programs while meeting the needs of the community by partnering with physicians and public health educators to assist in going into the local community and villages. Our medical team in Dangriga enjoy teaching and partnering with enthusiastic learners.

The solution to disparity, inclusion and the need to focus on prevention to reduce the burden of disease. 

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….An internship at the Southern Regional Hospital in Dangriga gave me an opportunity to work alongside the physician as I move forward in a career in medicine.

T. Jackson

…Your contribution will go a long way towards improving health outcome in the Dangriga community.

                                                            Shannon, Health Communications Director

A Global Health Initiative in Belize