The GAMAE Garifuna Arts for Leadership Training Program (GGAFLTP)


Youth and young adults around the world feel fear and despair when they think about what changes, growth, development and employment could mean for their future. While this generation has the most at stake when it comes to training to obtain a skill, many young people don’t know where to start in addressing this critical issue. There are some youth and young adults who are looking for ways to be a part of the solution but need the training and support to take the next step.

The GAMAE Garifuna Arts for Leadership Program (GGAFSTP) look globally to further build on the community momentum to provide leadership training, employment and economic opportunities and create leaders, future entrepreneurs to boost economic development in all the Garifuna communities.

The GAMAE Garifuna Arts for Leadership Program (GGAFSTP) is primarily a youth and young adult leadership program created to promote the use of the art to teach and train the students and participants the use of voice, visual and vocal communication skills, public speaking, youth and young adult advocacy skills and increase participation in leadership roles to improve the systems that impact their lives in education, employment and financial independence by:

  • Empowering youth and young adults by providing resources and training dedicated to understanding how to utilize their leadership skills to further their education, obtain employment or created community economic growth and development projects.
  • Provide opportunities for trained youth and young adults to share their leadership skills to improve outcomes for other youth and young adults in their communities.
  • Training for youth and young adults about community leadership, self-advocacy, financial independence and employment opportunities.
  • Reviewing materials aimed at youth and young adults and providing recommendations to ensure resources employment opportunities are available.
  • Help the youth and young adults learn how to tell their story in ways that will make a difference at home, at school, and in their prospective community.