The GAMAE Garifuna Traditional Creative Skills Training Program



We support the development of a new generation of dynamic Garifuna leaders by training and empowering Children, Youth and Young Adults.


We strive to provide a nurturing educational environment for academically and non-academically gifted and talented children, youth and young adults who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Our educational programs are designed for Children 7-10, Youth 11-16 and Young adults 17-21 who demonstrate academic talent, creativity and leadership potential. We are seeking to empower and equip children, youth and young adults with the intellectual, creative and social skills necessary to assume positions of leadership in the Garifuna community.


We support the development of a new generation of children, youth and young adults who by virtue of educating and motivating them, will lead the charge to transform themselves, their community, and the world around them. Our goal adheres to our Organization name GAMAE the Garifuna meaning of – ‘we have’ which encompass the ideals of humanity, compassion, service to others and giving what we have been blessed with, back to our community. The spirit of GAMAE permeates the GAMAE Arts Division Programs and is central to the way in which we are seeking to promote leadership, empowerment and entrepreneurship by teaching and training children, youth and young adults to think, speak, interact with others and to educate them by passing on and training them in traditional and contemporary Garifuna skills that will help them become leaders and become entrepreneurs.

GAMAE believe education is the key to transforming lives. When you educate young people, they take what they learn back to their community, and when you invest in young people, you are investing in their future, not only for the benefit of the community but also for the benefit of the world. We see our children, youth and young adults as the symbol and a beacon of light of what is possible. To see them blossom into the Garifuna cultured adults that we know they will become will inspire us to empower them to become the positive change agents in their lives and in our Garifuna community. We believe education is a way to end poverty and we are striving to make our children, youth and young adults accomplish their goals and achieve their dreams and achieve their personal best.