About Us!

A Nonprofit Group

Securing and Conserving Garifuna Heritage

At GAMAE International, we realized the need to foster community development in a country where economic prosperity is inequitable for all its citizens. We work hard to organize projects focused on eliminating identified infrastructure deficits that hinder the growth of most of the nation’s people.

A Nonprofit

Group Securing and Conserving Garifuna Heritage

Our Community Model

As a strategy for organizational effectiveness and capacity building, we have established four disciplines. These are integral to achieving economic prosperity within a vulnerable population.

Helping With Advancement

The four disciplines provide a systematic approach for the economic growth of the Garifuna nation and the achievement of development goals with an international consensus. For communities in Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua, we have also developed a model that can be duplicated and used to assist them.

Collaborating for Improvement

With the four branches, we create effective alliances with leading academic institutions, global agencies, and volunteers to address the challenges that the Garifuna people face.