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Farming was the Garifuna people way of life that has been abandoned particularly by our youth and young adults.  It is imperative that Garifuna youth return to sustainable agricultural practicesnot only to safeguard our tradition but more importantly to combat food insecurity.

As we face the challenge of food insecurity and climate change, we recently have seen a global shift towards anincrease trend in small to mid-size farming practices.  The Belize Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI)is aware that a youth and gender approach along withequitable opportunities in the Garifuna community will need to be fostered to succeed in the agriculture sector. GAMAE International together with the local youth communityis working together to become well positioned to contribute to climate change and food security.

Work with us to enhance community development by engaging youth in small scale farming with the goal to scale up to mid-sizesustainable agriculture

Join us to support an environment where Garifuna youth farmerscan obtain free agricultural education with training components that home in on sustainable farming practices and foster economic growth.  We believe in the potential of agriculture to support the Garifuna communities and shape the future for the next generation.